Company tax and Accounts

After your company has been incorporated you must register your company with HMRC for corporation tax.

This can be done by following the instructions set out at this link.

You should also register with Companies House so that you can submit your accounts and annual returns and other documents online using their website. The instructions to do so are set out at the following link.

Once you have registered with HMRC and Companies House and been provided with login credentials for both websites you can login to the HMRC website and download a pdf document called a ct600.pdf. This document will enable you to:

i) Calculate the corporation tax owed to HMRC for the relevant period of account,
ii) submit your corporation tax return and accounts to HMRC electronically, and
iii) submit your accounts to Companies House electronically.

If you wish to do this entirely by yourself this is possible WITHOUT the need for an accountant. Alternatively we can help you through the process for the first time.

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